10 Ingredients to Avoid in Cat Food

These commonly used ingredients really have no place in cat food!

You will also get the low down of my recommended best cat foods
so you can start to choose better options right away! 

Want to get the most out of your cat's nine lives?

You are in the right place for natural cat health and the best way to feed your little carnivore!

Learn how to help your cat...


>> maintain a healthy weight, instead of being fat and lazy

>> reduce shedding and fur balls

>> build a stronger immune system

>> reduce the risk of urinary tract infections and crystals

>> have fresher breath and healthier gums & teeth

>> reduce poop odor by up to 75%

>> eliminate litter box urine odor without harmful perfumes

>> use safe, non-toxic natural medicines in place of harmful toxic drugs

>> eat the best food for thriving health and stop begging for more food

>> eliminate skin allergies

>> and a nice bonus -- potentially save yourself trips to the vet and save money

You Can Also Help Reduce the Risk of:

>> Cancer

>> Diabetes

>> Kidney Disease

You can improve your cat's health and well-being! Natural cat health is easy, non-toxic and safer for you, your family, the environment -- and your cats. 


Hi, I'm Kim Staley, Healthy Life Cat Coach and founder of Cats Gone Healthy. I help health-conscious cat parents and their cats banish the bag of dry cat food and get on the path to natural cat health for improved health and well-being. I share the dangers of repeated vaccines and flea product to your cat's health, help you detox your cat, and so much more. If this sounds good to you, I invite you to...

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