Is Your Cat Too Finicky for Canned Food?


You've heard about the dangers of feeding dry food.

  • You want to avoid urinary tract infections and stones developing.

  • You've noticed pitter patter paw's footsteps are getting a little louder as he gains more weight (okay, maybe his footsteps are not louder, but you get the picture).

  • You'd like to pet your cat without a handful of fur coming out.

  • A sweeter smelling litter box sounds pretty good, too.

  • You've tried feeding your little princess or prince wet food, but she just ain't going for it.  Snubbing her nose, giving you the look (what is this crap?), turning her back on you and walking away or sitting down and crying.  They are so dramatic!

So, you give in and set the dry food down, AGAIN.  Win for kitty.

dry cat food raw feeding cats feline obesity

Does any of this sound familiar for your cat...

  • excessive shedding, dull & dry coat, dandruff
  • excess weight (your cat has no waistline, the torso looks bloated & muscles feel mushy rather than firm and strong)
  • urinary tract crystals, sludge or stones (cats can die if they get blocked with stones--the bladder bursts!),
  • chronic upper respiratory issues (involves eyes and nose),
  • itchy skin with hot spots or bleeding,
  • very stinky & large stool (this typically comes from the type of food used),
  • lazy and listless--wanting to just eat and sleep,
  • throwing up fur balls more than 2 times a year,
  • chronically watery eyes,
  • gingivitis (red inflamed gums) and tartar build-up on teeth,

If your precious one has diabetes, kidney disease or hyperthyroid, have you...

  • been to one or more veterinarians desperate for something that works,
  • tried different drugs  & deep down inside you're worried about harmful side effects,
  • tried costly prescription pet foods,
  • felt  hopeless because there has been little or no improvement, maybe even worsening in your cat's condition,
  • been worried and emotionally stressed

If your cat has been diagnosed with a disease or illness and is seeing a veterinarian and taking medications to control it, you want to do everything possible to optimize your kitty's health and wellness to enhance the veterinary care he or she is receiving.  The Thrive Programs provide this for you with a plan for improved wellness to support your cat's health. 

Maybe only one or two of these ring true for your cat and you're thinking "Fluffy is fine."

Hold on there.  First of all, "fine" is not good, excellent, or great. "Fine" is just okay, maybe not even just okay, but kind of on the negative side of the scale. Just because you don't have a long list of unhealthy signs yet doesn't mean your cat is out of the woods.  Just like people, cats can have an unhealthy lifestyle of eating unhealthy foods (the inappropriate type of food for cats) and lack of exercise for years before health problems surface.  And when cats don't feel well, they can hide it really well for a long time. They do this because showing signs of weakness makes them appear an easier target for predators.  This is a natural instinct for them. 

Cats May Seem Like They are Indestructible and Self Sufficient

Yet they are really sensitive & complicated creatures that have specific needs for thriving health.  Good thing is, their needs are easy to implement! Of course, like anything, it will take some effort on your part and a little more time. Your effort will create a stronger bond with your cat(s).

There's a lot of information out there, and you could spend hours, days, weeks finding what you need.  You could keep trying to switch your fur baby onto canned food or even raw meat.  Unsuccessfully and another win for your cat.  You could just keep giving in.  That is not the best option for either of you.  The Thrive Programs give you personalized support and the information you need to implement a safe, non-toxic natural healthy lifestyle and natural healing for your cat.

Imagine helping your cat with:

  • a stronger, healthier immune system,
  • a sleek ideal weight with the ideal feline food to avoid obesity and it's related--often deadly and costly--health problems,
  • having lots of energy and alertness even as he grows older,
  • silky soft, shiny fur with shedding reduced by up to 50% and fewer fur balls hacked up,
  • clear bright eyes,
  • fresher breath and cleaner teeth,
  • a sweeter smelling and healthier litter box,
  • detoxification from harmful chemicals found in flea products, foods, conventional drugs and vaccines

In most cases, just a change in the type of food will result in significant improvement in a cat's health.  However, some cats tend to be stubborn and uncooperative to change!  Especially a change in their food or feeding schedule.  So when you are freaking out and worried because your cat won't eat his new food, The Thrive Program is there to hold your hand and paws during this tough time of change. 


Thrive Nutrition

3 Weeks of Personalized Support

3 Phone Calls

  • One 60-minute Initial Consult
  • Two 30-minute Calls

Transition From Dry Food to Canned Food

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Thrive Nutrition for
Defiant Picky Cats

4 Weeks of Personalized Support

4 Phone Calls

  • One 60-minute Initial Consult
  • Three 30-minute Calls

Transition from Dry Food to Canned Food

Supplement Recommendations

Email Support



Thrive Nutrition Premium
The Royal Treatment

6 Weeks of Personalized Support

6 Phone Calls

  • One 60-minute Initial Consult
  • Five 30-minute Consult/Follow-Up Calls

Transition from Dry Food to Canned Food
and/or to Raw Food

Supplement Recommendations

Email Support

Litter Box Recommendations

Dental Health

Natural Healing


Upon receipt of payment for the program of your choice, you will be taken to Acuity Scheduler to make your first appointment! I look forward to meeting you and your cat and working toward thriving health.

Not sure if Thrive Programs are for you and your cat quite yet? Want to chat first before deciding?  Schedule a complimentary 30-minute Thriving Health Discovery Session! 

In this phone call, we will discuss what your concerns are for your kitty.  If you and your cat decide to move forward after this complimentary session, I will recommend a Thrive Program to suit your cat's needs.

Schedule your complimentary 30-minute Thriving Health Discovery Session here.

Benefits of a Natural Healthy Lifestyle and Natural Healing:

  • Heals your cat from the inside out,
  • Treats the cause of the symptoms,
  • Detoxes the body from drugs, vaccinations and chemicals found in flea products and foods,
  • Builds a stronger immune defense against infections,
  • Restores balance to the body,
  • Is usually far less expensive than conventional drugs. 

With a Thrive Nutrition Program for Your Cat, You Can Expect:

  • Stronger immune system
  • Thick, shiny, super soft fur with far less shedding
  • Fewer fur balls
  • Clear, bright eyes
  • Strong, lean, firm bodies, like they were meant to be
  • Energetic, alert, playful no matter what age
  • Smaller, less stinky stools
  • Greatly reduced risk of diabetes and obesity
  • Healthier gums and teeth
  • Fresher breath