Is There Even an Easy Way to Clean a Cat’s Teeth?

easy way to clean a cat's teeth


That depends on when you started cleaning your cat’s teeth

If a kitten is introduced to having the inside of their mouth touched and their teeth brushed, or cleaned in some similar fashion, the chances are yes.

I have never been able to get a kitten to hold still long enough to train them. Yet, there are plenty of cat parents who do brush their cat’s teeth. And plenty of cats who enjoy it.

If you are one of the many who does not fall into these categories, you and your cat may find using a dental gel to be much easier.

This dental series started out with 5 Ways to Avoid Painful Gingivitis and Feline Dental Disease. Check it out HERE to see why your cat’s dental health is very important to overall health. In that article, I introduce you to a safe and truly natural dental gel for cats (and dogs too) that dissolves tartar called DentaSure.

This article explains how to apply the DentaSure to your cat’s teeth and gums.

*Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link, which means I receive a very small commission if you purchase through links I provide (at no extra cost to you). It is a great way to say thanks if you find my information helpful for you and your cat. I personally use or have used any products I recommend. 

Need to purchase DentaSure? You can buy it HERE . Just be sure to purchase the gel, not the spray. Cats don’t like having something sprayed in their mouths.

Unfortunately, I don’t have video or photos to show you. Applying the gel is such a fast procedure, and I get my cats when they are lounging and relaxed. Which makes it difficult to get photos or video.

How to apply dental gel to dissolve built up tartar and avoid painful gingivitis and feline dental disease

Step One: Getting your cat to accept your finger in her or his mouth

  1. For a few days to a week (depending on your cat), just start lightly stroking or rubbing her cheeks when you two are cuddling.  Do this several times per day.  (Surely, you are cuddling several times a day!)
  2. For the next few days to a week, touch/stroke her lips while doing baby talk.  You know….that cute little kitty talk we do.
  3. For the next few days to a week, from behind your cat’s head casually slip your finger between his lips and slide along the upper teeth for a second or two. You will use your right index finger on your cat’s left side teeth. Use your left index finger on your cat’s right side teeth.
  4. Next, you’ll be sliding your finger further back to reach the back upper teeth.  You may feel the hard, somewhat rough tartar if there is any.  It’s going quite well?  Good.  You’ve got this!
  5. Optional:  You may consider to start having the bottle of DentaSure with you during the finger-in-mouth training. Shake it to mix well. This gets your cat accustomed to the bottle being part of the procedure. Personally, I didn’t do this. In retrospective, it would have been a good idea. Because, I have to hide that the bottle is coming.

Step Two: Time for DentaSure application

  1. NOTE: you may want to practice the next steps for a few days without using the gel, so that you can become accustomed to the best way and be comfortable and confident with it yourself.
  2. If all has gone well so far, using the gel should be pretty easy. Shake the bottle well. Let your cat know by gently speaking to your cat in your mind that you are going to be giving him some dental gel.  It’s an energetic thing–send the vibes. Place a little drop on your index finger.
  3. Let’s say you are treating the right side of the mouth first.  Place a small drop of the gel on your left finger.  From behind your cat’s head, place your other left 3 fingers firmly yet gently under her chin — with your left index finger free with the gel on it.
  4. Use the right index finger to pull up the right upper lip.  Slide your left index finger onto the right side upper teeth and back and forth a few times.
  5. Keeping your left fingers under the chin decreases them from opening their mouth to try and quickly lick away the gel off the teeth.  Voila!  You did it!  
  6. Treating the left side of kitty’s mouth.  Place a small drop of the gel on your right finger.  From behind your cat’s head, place your other right 3 fingers firmly yet gently under her chin with your right index finger free with the gel on it.
  7. Use the left index finger to pull up the right upper lip.  Slide your right index finger onto the left side upper teeth and back and forth a few times.
  8. Be sure to close the bottle nozzle, or the gel left in the nozzle will dry and clog the nozzle.

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*Photo of cat yawning courtesy of: despoticlick on Pixabay


The Easy Way to Clean a Cat’s Teeth

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