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My Most Loved List of Goodies for Happier, Healthier Cats

durable cat scratching post

The Smart Cat Ultimate Scratching Post Tall, heavy and sturdy. Your cat can get a good stretch without the post toppling over. Made with woven sisal fabric, not rope wrapped around a post that comes unraveled. No shedding carpet or sisal pieces. This scratching post will last a long time. 

durable cat scratching pad

Smart Cat Ultimate Scratching Pad Cats should also have access to ground scratching pads. This is the ultimate flat-laying scratching pad. Like its cousin, the Ultimate Cat Scratching Post, this pad is long, sturdy and heavy. Built to last a long time. I have this one and the Ultimate Scratching Post for my cats. 

cat dangle chase mouse toy

The Go Cat Teaser Wand Toy will bring out the wild instinct in your cat! Cats love this bouncing mouse on a thin braided wire. The mouse is made of a natural material like straw and is very life-like. It is sturdy and will give hours of fun for your cat. This toy will provide much needed exercise for better emotional and physical health. They sell a replacement mouse for when your little darlings bring it to the end of its life. **NOTE: Never leave this toy alone with your cat! It is so real to cats, that they may do some damage to it and in turn, to your cat. 

cat bell cage balls toy

Cage balls with bells are easy for your cat to bat around. Try tossing in the air--my cats jump up and grab them or swat them like they are playing volleyball. You get six cage balls in a pack, which is good because they tend to get lost under furniture. 

Ripple Rug healthy cats play activity mat

The Ripple Rug provides a cat with its very own rug to wrestle with. Kittens will entertain themselves. Adult cats will need you to simulate the hunt. Pull strings through the holes, poke the ends of pole toys through the holes (when toys break off the poles, keep the poles-the tip is like a bug to your cat) . You want to simulate a bug or mouse hiding from its predator -- your cat. Toss the cage balls or other toys into it. Even try tossing treats into it. Non-snagging, hand vacuum, machine washable, non-toxic, and barely any "rug" odor.

colloidal silver for cat colds


Sovereign Silver's Colloidal Silver is an excellent natural and safe product to have on hand for your cats and for you too! This magical product is a natural antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal. There is a new version labeled for pets, but it is the same colloidal silver as their original bottle. Directions are to add it to water. I feel it can go to waste this way, because how much water do cats drink in a day before you change the water? You can add this to your cat's wet food. It is odorless and tasteless.

facts about pet food book

Food Pets Die For written by Ann N. Martin uncovers the makings of pet food. What you'll learn will astonish you and make you think twice before grabbing that bag of dry food off the shelf. She reveals the deal with MEAL: chicken meal, beef meal, lamb meal, or meat meal. You won't want to miss this.

Myths and dangers of dry cat food

Dry Cat Food Myths e-book by yours truly. Join me as I debunk the 5 myths that the cat food industry (and maybe even your vet--or your neighbor--or some family member--or the rescue you adopted kitty from) has led cat lover's to believe in the name of making a buck in the least expensive way.

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