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My Most Loved List of Goodies for Happier, Healthier Cats

The Smart Cat Ultimate Scratching Post Tall, heavy and sturdy. Your cat can get a good stretch without the post toppling over. Made with woven sisal fabric, not rope wrapped around a post that comes unraveled. No shedding carpet or sisal pieces. This scratching post will last a long time. 

Smart Cat Ultimate Scratching Pad Cats should also have access to ground scratching pads. This is the ultimate flat-laying scratching pad. Like its cousin, the Ultimate Cat Scratching Post, this pad is long, sturdy and heavy. Built to last a long time. I have this one and the Ultimate Scratching Post for my cats. 

cat dangle chase mouse toy

The Go Cat Teaser Wand Toy will bring out the wild instinct in your cat! Cats love this bouncing mouse on a thin braided wire. The mouse is made of a natural material like straw and is very life-like. It is sturdy and will a long time. They sell a replacement mouse for when your little darlings bring it to the end of its life. **NOTE: Never leave this toy alone with your cat! It is so real to cats, that they may do some damage to it and in turn, to your cat. 

Cage balls with bells are easy for your cat to bat around. Try tossing in the air--my cats jump up and grab them or swat them like they are playing volleyball. Order extra because they tend to get lost under furniture. 

ripple rug review cat activity mat toy

The Ripple Rug is a mainstay with my cats. It's a must-have play center for kittens. Adults cats really enjoy it too.  Read my review here.

colloidal silver for cat colds


Sovereign Silver's Colloidal Silver is an excellent natural and safe product to have on hand for pets and people. Colloidal Silver works magic as a natural antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal. There is a newer version labeled for pets, but it is the same colloidal silver as their original bottle. Add to your cat's wet food to ensure they consume all of it, or by syringe as needed. Read my review here.

OKO Cat Litter is a safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic alternative to clay and crystal litters. It clumps, smells fresh, and completely neutralizes urine odor. They make a clumping pellet version "Less Mess" in the purple box. The pellets track less than the Original Clumping in the blue box. However, a lot of the clean, dry pellets go to waste, as they stick to the clumped wet ball. I mix the two together (2/3 Original and 1/3 Less Mess) and have about 40% less tracking than using the Original alone. 

best cat food


Healthy, Tasty Freeze-Dried Treats. Stella & Chewy's freeze-dried starts out as pure, raw food: meat/poultry/fish, bone and organs. The product is made to be fed as meals, but can easily be used for treats. My cats really dig the Duck Duck Goose. It's a great way to give cats variety in their protein. Cut in half and soak in hot water first so they get the much needed moisture. Another good freeze-dried brand is Instinct. Freeze-dried is compact, so a little goes a long way.

facts about pet food book

Food Pets Die For written by Ann N. Martin uncovers the makings of pet food. What you'll learn will astonish you and make you think twice before grabbing that bag of dry food off the shelf. She reveals the deal with MEAL: chicken meal, beef meal, lamb meal, or meat meal. You won't want to miss this.

Myths and dangers of dry cat food

Dry Cat Food Myths e-book. Join me as I debunk the 5 myths that the cat food industry has led cat lover's to believe in the name of making a buck in the least expensive way.

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