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The Ripple Rug® Cat Activity Mat Review

The Ripple Rug® for cats by snuggly cat® is a versatile pet enrichment system, activity mat, scratching rug, cozy bed, and thermal base all in one, according to the manufacturer's literature. I'll have to agree with that! This is a good investment for entertaining your cat(s). Let's review the Ripple Rug multi-tasking cat toy, as endorsed by my cats. 

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About the Ripple Rug® by snuggly cat®


--  Each rug is made with 24 recycled plastic bottles, which makes good use of the mountains of plastic bottles that would otherwise go to a landfill.

--  Made in the USA.

--  Designed with ribbed needle-punched carpet that doesn't fray from kitty nails.

--  Doesn't smell like chemicals. 

--  Non-slip backing that is thermally insulating.

--  Stain resistant.

--  Consists of two pieces, the solid base mat and the top piece with various sized holes. The top piece has velcro strips, referred to as  "touch-points," on the back side. These velcro strips stick to the base mat. The top piece can be placed in a multitude of arrangements to form the ripples in the rug. This provides variety for cats with new tunnels to explore. 

--  The mat is rather large, at 45 inches by 35 inches. This gives plenty of play-hunt room for several kittens or 1-2 adult cats. It can be folded up and stored in a closet or corner when you need it out of the way.

ripple rug best cat activity mat and toy construction
ripple rug best cat activity mat and toy assembled


--  Easy to clean by using soap and water. Rinse using a garden hose or machine wash in the recommended cold water. Hang flat to dry (do not place in a clothes dryer). 

--  Vacuuming the Ripple Rug isn't super easy, but doable. First remove the top piece, the one with the holes. Place it off to the side. The top piece can be vacuumed using the vacuum attachment wand. The base bottom piece can be vacuumed with the vacuum roller brush turned off, using the bare floor setting on your vacuum in the same way you would to vacuum an area rug or runner. 

ripple rug best cat activity mat and toy how to clean
ripple rug best cat activity mat and toy how to clean

Playtime with the Ripple Rug®

Now it's time to get down to business with your new Ripple Rug! 

Kitten Play-Hunt

I don't need to spend much time reviewing the Ripple Rug for kittens. Since kittens pretty much entertain themselves with anything, you won't go wrong with this cat entertainment center. They will certainly find lots of fun wiggling in and out of the holes and ripples. If you have multiple kittens, you'll witness them wrestling with each other in the rug, and wrestling with the rug.

Toss a few toy mice or balls in there. Pull some strings through the holes.

The Ripple Rug cat activity mat helps provide much needed development and hunting skills for kittens. When all played out, a kitten will probably even fall asleep on or in the mat. 

Adult Cat Play-Hunt

Cats have a natural instinct to hunt. It's so important for their mental, emotional and physical health and well-being to be able to act on that desire. For those that have to keep their cats indoors for safety reasons, it's all too obvious how our cats can become lazy, bored and despondent. Even with our best attempts to provide new toys and gadgets to keep them interested, most adult cats seem to get bored rather easily. Adult cats need stimulation.

They need to see that prey darting around. 

Of all the gadgets I've tried and have stashed away or have thrown away, the Ripple Rug keeps them the most interested. However, don't expect adult cats to take the initiative past the first curious days you lay down that rug. We have to play the part of the prey darting around. My cat, Edgar, prefers to play alone. He's good at chasing make-believe mice, bugs -- or whatever he's imagining -- around in the Ripple Rug. He loves to wrestle with the rug. I have to put in the effort with Tiger and Callie.

Try weaving and pulling strings or wand toys through the holes.

In the video, you'll see that I'm using a mouse wand toy with an elastic cord tied to the mouse's tail to add length. Edgar joins in with me, because that's way more fun than his private make-believe.  They dive into the large holes to chase the toys that I'm pulling through, but I didn't get them doing that on video.

Play-hunting with them is very entertaining for me, and really brings me great satisfaction and joy to see them so happy and active. I think you'll enjoy your time together too. 

Some tips for your new Ripple Rug

Change it up

After a week or two, your cats might get a little bored with the Ripple Rug like mine do. I'll store it out of their sight for a week. This way, when they get bored of their packaging paper, box, or crinkle tunnel, the rug is new again! 

Keep nails trimmed

One downside is their nails can get caught in the rug. It's good to keep their nails trimmed to avoid this. It's good practice to keep our cat's nails trimmed anyway, so they do less damage to furniture, carpeting, us, and other items. Scratching posts just don't seem to help with keeping those sharp tips down. 

Ripple Rug cat activity mat review summary

I hope you found this review helpful in determining if the Ripple Rug is a good idea for your cat(s).

--  It's durable, washable, made of recycled plastic bottles and made in the U.S.

--  It doesn't smell like chemicals.

--  Helps provide physical exercise and emotional wellness for cats and kittens. 

--  Can be shaped into different ripple patterns to provide variety.

--  Is money well invested for the health and well-being of your cat(s). 

The Ripple Rug can be purchased online at Amazon and Chewy. You may also find it at your local pet store. 

***Do you already own the Ripple Rug and how do your cats like it? Have you got any tips about the Ripple Rug to share? Please share in the comments below. Thank you!

Ripple Rug Best Cat Activity Mat Review

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