Healthy Cats Detox Workshop

For Happier, Healthier Cats

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Want to ... Get the most out of your cat's nine lives with natural and safe approaches?

Strengthen your cat's immune system for thriving health?

Keep your cat out of the vet clinic and save money?


Welcome to the Healthy Cats Detox Workshop

"What Your Vet Won't Tell You or Doesn't Know..."


This audio recorded workshop will give you the tools to take control of your cat's health at home:

Learn why we cannot overlook the single biggest thing we can control with the biggest impact
on our cat's health -- it's FOOD!

A few stellar supplements that make all the difference in your cat's health -- and you can buy
these inexpensive supplements at your local health food store or on-line.

Discover safer and much less expensive alternatives to harmful flea products.

Learn how to eliminate litter box blues with the safest, most effective litters.
Some types of litter contain toxins with adverse health effects.

Sound good?  Read on...

If You're a Cat Parent Dealing With:


Skin allergies, dandruff, or excessive shedding

Excess weight (1 lb. excess weight on a cat is equivalent to 40 lbs. excess weight on a human)

Vomiting or diarrhea

Autoimmune disease such as FeLV or FIV

Urinary Tract Infections/Stones


Become an Empowered, Conscious Cat Parent


Keep your cat at a healthy weight for more energy and alertness AND reduced risk of diabetes and arthritis

Keys to detoxing your cat from harmful vaccinations, flea products, steroids and ingredients in commercial pet food.

Strengthen her immunity to lessen chance of infections AND cancer

Keep his urinary tract flowing free of sludge AND protect those kidneys

Help their bodies absorb all the nutrients in food for thriving health

 Take Control of Your Cat's Health With The Healthy Cats Detox Workshop


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Ready to Get the Most Out of Your Cat's Nine Lives?

Hi!  I'm Kim Staley, Crazy for Cats Lover and Healthy Life Cat Coach.  I'm on a mission to help cat parents be well-informed conscious consumers and caretakers for their cat's thriving health.  I have spent decades researching, studying and experimenting with natural, holistic approaches to help my fur babies have thriving health. 

Thriving health requires a holistic approach that takes into consideration their emotional, mental, physical and environmental states.  I've made a lot of mistakes in the past with former kitties, and I SO WISH I had known more about how I could have helped them ward off health problems and maybe even prevented losing them what I considered to be far too soon.  

Wouldn't you love to have more tools and knowledge about safer, non-toxic, and natural approaches for health problems that may arise?  Or even greatly reduce the occurrence of problems arising?  And save costly and stressful visits to the vet?  Cats are very unique creatures with lots of sensitivities to things that can adversely affect their health.  The good news is their needs are simple and easy to implement.  So, let's get your cat's health on!

Healthy Cats Detox Workshop

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Here's what participants of the Free Facebook Healthy Cats Detox Challenge had to say:

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Ilisa Millermoon

I've enjoyed this challenge and learning more about my cat baby.  Thank you Kim Staley!
Since joining this group I've learned lots and I've had cats since I was six and brought home a kitten, Cuddles, on my walk home from school.  I've changed Bhanu's food to wet food, added several toys and the occasional catnip.  Bhanu is a whole new cat! He's talking all of the time, follows me around the house and is even more affectionate, if that's possible.  Thank you for this Wonderful group!

Roni Walker

With this challenge, I wake up every morning eager to see everyone's posts and learn something and show off my kitties! I love it.

You have reminded me of things I thought of but never did anything toward...the clean bowls, the play time, the dry food. You've made it clear how important those things are and I am recommitting to my cats fully. Thank you, Kim Staley.

Kit Fay

How fun! Terrific insight. Loved the discussion on exercise impact on how they feel.  Thank you Kim for such useful tips!!

I loved your presentation approach. It's so important to practice as a lifestyle rather than one thing can fix a problem. The challenge was, for me, both of these: really fun reminder of practices I've let slip that I'll be reviving, and, a sharing of some info I wasn't aware of, that I'll incorporate into some new practices.

It's obvious you put a lot of love and care into your work. You offer a valuable service. So many of us adore our feline family members. The other peeps who need your help will find you just like we did.



"5 Top Household Offenders to Your Cat's Health"

  • In this bonus handout, learn about the five common household products that make your living space
    more toxic and affect not only your cat's health, but yours too. 

  • Each household offender comes with several safer, natural alternatives
    that are easy to obtain and use, inexpensive, and you probably already have some of them in your home. 

"Healthy Cats Detox Challenge"

  • This bonus handout is the information from the Free 5-day Challenge.

  • More great tips for a healthier, happier cat.
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