The Healthy Cats Detox Challenge was held in the Cats Gone Healthy Facebook Group (update Oct. 2017: Group has been closed at this time). Following are the videos from the challenge. We discussed the importance of your cat's whole environment in detoxing from past toxins (from vaccines, food, parasite treatments, stress, drugs, etc.) At the end of the videos is a link to the Healthy Cats Detox Workshop. Happy detoxing for your beloved kitty!

Day 1:  Introducing participants and their cat.  What do you love about the cat you are most bonded to?  Participants were asked to take the pledge:  "I am committed to help my cat be as healthy as possible."

Day 2:  Do you have a specific health challenge with one of your cats?  What is your biggest fear around that challenge?  If there is no challenge, have you had one in past?

Day 3:  Cats high level sense of smell.  Toxins in household cleaning products and safe, simple alternatives.

Day 4:  Food and water bowls.

Day 5:  Play-hunting for detoxing stress, boredom, frustration and for bonding and physical and emotional health.  The role of wholesome nutrition for thriving health.

Check out the Healthy Cats Detox Workshop here: DETOX YOUR CAT FROM TOXINS

Healthy Cats Detox Challenge Videos

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