How Many Cat Toys Does Your Cat or Kitten Have?

My cats have three toy "boxes."  One is in a drawer, the "cat toy drawer."  You know, instead of the junk drawer we usually have in the kitchen, although we have one of those too. Another toy box is the cat tree with its three levels.  And then there is the hidden toy box, the one in my closet where the "old worn out toys" that the kit cats got bored of reside, awaiting their turn to be cycled back out again.  

Cats get bored of toys just like kids.  So, when they look at you like you're nuts as you jiggle or toss that toy around, then yawn and walk away, you know it's time to hide that toy for a month or two.  Maybe three, because cats have good memories--when they want to.  

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Cats and Their Toys

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