Lava Cat Callie Eats Raw Food — Safe, Healthy, and Fit for a Carnivore

Here is my Callie eating her breakfast of raw chicken thigh chunks and ground grass-fed beef. The recipe includes liver blended in the blender, vitamin E, glandulars, taurine, and in this case with no ground bones, the recipe has bone meal added. Cats gnaw on the chunks, and this shearing motion on the raw meat strengthens their jaw bones (which helps firmly hold the teeth in as they age) and helps keep the teeth clean.

Cats Need the Moisture and Protein in Raw Food

Raw food has the moisture and protein content cats need to:

1) keep their urinary tracts flowing free

2) maintain a healthy weight

3) avoid diabetes

4) minimize shedding and fur balls

5) satisfy their carnivore instinct for raw

6) produce the small, compact, dry, and odor-free poop of a carnivore


Want to Banish the Bag?

Not all cats will easily switch from a diet of dry food to raw food. Cats eating canned food are a little easier to cooperate. If you want help with banishing the bag and moving your cat to raw and/or canned food, I am here to help you! See how here.

You might also be interested in my list of 10 ingredients in cat food to avoid. This list identifies ingredients that are not supportive of a healthy immune system and constitution. Rather, these ten ingredients build up in the body and weaken it.  Choosing cat foods without these ingredients is very helpful in helping your cat detox from toxins and move toward thriving health. You can access the list here:



Kim Staley
Healthy Life Cat Coach

Lava Cat Callie Eating Raw Food

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