Making the Switch

Converting your cat from dry food to canned food (or raw meat) can be quite challenging for not only your cat, but for you too.  I’ve had no problems with rescue kittens because kittens are so hungry all the time, they will eat anything and they haven’t been conditioned to any particular type of food yet.  Adults can be a little more resistant, and even more so if they have been fed strictly dry food most of or all of their lives.  Adults can make the switch around 2-4 weeks.  That is, by the end of 2-4 weeks, they will eat the new food without hesitation.  I want you to know…

You Can Do This!

You both can do this and you will both live, contrary to your carbohydrate junky’s belief and contrary to their effort to make you think they won’t live.

Here are 5 Tips to Help You Switch From Dry Food to Canned (or Raw) Food and Banish the Bag Forever!

  1. Remain Calm.  Breathe.  Play some relaxation type music around meal time.  This calms my cats throughout the day and helps them get along better, too.
  2. Patience.  This MAY take up to a month for complete transition.  Notice the word “MAY.”  That doesn’t mean it will take a month.  Some cats will cooperate in 2 weeks or less.  Picky cats–most likely 3-4 weeks.
  3. Don’t Give In.  It’s called Tough Love.  It’s your responsibility as the caregiver.  Ignore your cat’s pleas for help and distress.  Remember, they win awards for dramatic acting and know how to tug at your heartstrings.  Buck up.  They will eventually give in.
  4. Remember Your Why.  Remember why you are doing this for your cat(s) and for you.
  5. Stop Free Feeding.  If you haven’t already done this, STOP now.  Food is NOT the way to your cat’s heart.  It can be the way to their disease and illness.

Support For You and Your Cat

It’s always easier to make a change when you have support from others that understand your worries and concerns.  It can be very stressful when your cat doesn’t eat what you offer.  You start thinking all kinds of bad thoughts:

  1. What if kitty starves?
  2. What if kitty starves?
  3. And, what if kitty starves?

Your stress reflects onto your cat, and he or she will be less reluctant to cooperate with your requests and pleas.

I am here to help you both get through this!  That’s why I created the Thrive Nutrition Program and the Thrive Nutrition for Picky Cats Program.  You get emotional support, hand and paw holding, and a cheerleader to help you Banish the Bag and give your cat what she really needs — meat and moisture!  Sign up now.

Photo Kim and Clancy2Sincerely,

Kim Staley, Cat Lover & Healthy Life Cat Coach

My Mission: To help you provide your cats with a safe, non-toxic, natural healthy lifestyle and natural healing for optimum health and well-being. Because our cats are counting on us to do this for them. And, well, they deserve it!

5 Tips to Banish the Bag

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