Is Your Cat Thriving or Just Surviving

on Dry Food?

5 Myths about cat food

Dear cat lover, any of this sound familiar.....

eats only or mostly dry cat food

itchy skin and hot spots

tooth plaque, gingivitis or bad breath

overweight: no waistline (hourglass figure when you look at your cat from above), bloated, excess fatty tissue in armpits and around neck

body has mushy feel instead of being muscular and tone

prone to urinary tract (bladder) infections, sludge and stones

dull, dry, rough fur

lazy, not interested in playtime, even listless (providing kitty is an adult and not ill)

24/7 access to food (free feeding)

excessive shedding and fur balls more than once a month

large soft stool with really bad odor (pee-yew!)

diarrhea or vomiting

maybe even struggling with -- and worrying you with -- kidney failure, hyperthyroid or diabetes

Would You Like to Help Your Cat:


THRIVE, not just survive

Be energetic and lively no matter what age he or she is

Shed a lot less fur all over you, your clothes and your house AND have the silkiest softest fur ever

Puke up far fewer fur balls

Be tone and muscular like a true carnivore in the wild

Have good healthy poop that barely stinks and not be embarrassed when company comes a knockin'

Lessen the chance of developing common disease and illness: cancer, diabetes, kidney failure, and hyperthyroid

Have a free-flowing urinary tract

Be supported in the best, most natural way possible if she already suffers with any medical conditions

Reduce and even avoid costly, stressful trips to the vet by using safe, non-toxic natural medicines rather than harmful toxic drugs whenever possible

Did anyone say KITTENS?

5 Myths About Cat Food

Start your kittens out on the right track

And for a pregnant or nursing momma cat, dry food is a no-no! Her body can much more quickly and efficiently turn canned or raw food into milk for her kittens.

"5 Myths About Cat Food That
Endanger Your Cat's Health..
and what to do instead"

Written for the cat in your life, this downloadable and printable e-book

helps your cat get started on the road to thriving health

 1) I'll debunk the 5 myths that the cat food industry (and maybe even your vet--or your neighbor--or some family member--or the rescue you adopted kitty from) has led cat lover's to believe in the name of making a buck in the least expensive way.

2) Cat food manufacturers spend a lot of money on pretty packaging to grab the attention of the consumer and are allowed to make ANY claims they wish with no regulation.

3) The cat food industry saves money on using cheap ingredients that:

a) are inappropriate for an obligate (a true) carnivore and

b) are providing the consumer's desire and demand for convenience (a long shelf-life and easy to feed).

4) I hate to break it to cat lovers--okay, not really...I'd like to shout it from rooftops with a megaphone,
but dry cat food is just NOT natural for a cat. 


5 Myths About Cat Food

What are the 5 Myths I'm busting? I'm glad you asked!

 1)  Dry Food Cleans Cat Teeth

 2) Wet Food Gives Cats Diarrhea

 3)  My Cat Won't Eat Canned Food or Fresh Meat

 4)  Free Feeding is Okay

 5)  Canned Food is Fattening

 I won't leave you hanging, but also give solutions to these concerns.

5 Myths About Cat Food is Only $7,
yet worth so much more to you and your cat!

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Kitten Photo Courtesy of:  Jan Mallander/Pixabay